Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sixty to Thirty

Today marks exactly 60 days left in my twenties. Despite constant grumbling to my friends and family about this milestone birthday, and my dear husband choosing to (jokingly) rub it in as often as he can (since he's 18 months younger), I am actually quite comfortable with the big 3 - 0. Yes, my twenties passed me by far faster than I ever dreamed imaginable. Yes, I now get why so many adults told me that despite growing older, they always felt young at heart. But when I look back, I have so much to be thankful for in this last decade. When I turned 20 I could never have even imagined where I'd end up, how I'd feel towards life, how full I would feel inside. Despite now living in the coldest major city on planet earth during the worst winter in memorable history (one that has made me question why this part of the country is even considered habitable), I've learned enough in my twenties to enjoy the moment and to see the best in situations. I've been happily married to the best guy for nearly six years who's been a part of life for almost the last decade; have relationships with family and friends that amaze me on a daily basis; share our life with two incredible little animals that taught me a new way to love and be loved; am looking forward to the future when we will get to experience an even newer and stronger love through parenthood; are building a new home while holding on to our first home as an income property; have health of body, mind and soul; have found passions and strengths I never knew I had. My twenties have been fantastic, and I'm ready to leave them with a bang.

While the specifics need not be shared to get the gist, I'm self-imposing a sixty day challenge in my countdown to thirty. I want to enter this decade as my best self, and to do so am focusing on health, happiness and home. I look forward to setting small goals, reading books, checking off lists. I am starting my spring cleaning today with this fantastic monthly cleaning challenge on iHeartOrganizing. I'm heading to the library to check out some books. I'm going to make the make the best and healthiest meals of my life. And I'm going to make these final sixty days as awesome and fulfilling as I hope the next decade to be.

Have you ever done something similar?


  1. the $29.95 plus tax picture LOL! I love the goals you're setting for yourself. I'll be turning 36 this year (...gulp!) I've been loving my 30s so far - I am so much more confident than I used to be in my 20s - I frequently go to events where I don't know anybody - and introduce myself and have lots of fun. It just comes naturally now - but sometimes I think - who is this person LOL? In my 20s, I always had to have someone to go places with :-)

  2. Wow. 30. Where in the hell did it go? I was just a couple weeks away from having baby #1 on my 30th birthday. Now, 8 years later, I have three little rugrats and a crazy-hectic SAHM life. I barely remember 37, let alone 30. I think it's a great idea to enter in with bang. Life has a way of taking over, you'll be glad you did it when you're old like me. Ha!


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