Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flashback: Old House Tour

Now and Then.

I don't have a full set of updated, proper house photos from our new townhouse, but after scrolling through my iPhoto I got a little reminiscent and thought it would be fun to post pictures of our last home. It was our first home as a married couple, and the first place I ever lived since moving out of my parents that really felt like home. And somewhere out there, someone was looking down on us, because I couldn't have dreamed up a better place to start our lives. It was a 1000 square foot 1 bedroom basement suite. Sounds pretty lame, hey? Well, this is what we gazed upon every day.

Ok, sure, it's not the beach. But where we live, this is an awesome view to have. Anything other than the back of another house is an awesome view in my books anyways. To go along with the rolling hills and valley views, we also had a massive 1500ish square foot stone patio right outside our front door. It was spectacular for entertaining. And for cuddling up with a glass of wine to watch the sunset.

Ok, enough of outside. Come on through and take a peek.  These glass french doors lead directly to our dining room. To the right was our kitchen, to the left our living room, and behind that our bedroom and bathroom.

Did I mention this basement suite was above ground? And practically loaded with massive windows. It was so bright and airy, and felt nothing like a basement. (Excuse the random piece of cardboard I was using to spray paint things on).

And from the other side looking out the french doors.

Cringe: My paper mache canvas art, and the faux orchids. Oh dear
Love: My white parsons chairs that I've since sold, and my DIY chandy.

And for the dining room in relation to the kitchen.

And the living room with our old couches.

Cringe: That rug. Not there's anything inherently wrong with it, I just got so sick of it. It crinkled up all the time and never lay flat. And I don't like the mocha colour.
Love: The pillows. They really were the first "pretty" pillows I ever purchased.

And the bathroom:

Nothing too exciting there. We didn't get to choose the paint colours, other wise those vanities would have been white and the walls would have been grey. But it was really nice to be renters with granite in the bathroom, and lots of storage, and his and hers sinks, and a MASSIVE bathroom with a separate closet for the toilet and tub/shower (which meant the  hubs could do his bidess while I did my makeup).

And the master (okay, only) bedroom:

Cringe: Ummm,  a lot. ot any one thing in particular, just how it's all put together.
Love: I did love my Edlund bed from Ikea. Had to ell it when we move because it cut off the windows we now have on either side of the bed. I also loved my Jonathan Adler Kensington bedding. It ended up being a bit too busy for me to want to look at it everyday, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

Anyways, thats pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed that lil tour, and if anyone else has done the same I'd love you to link up so I can check it out as well!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Challenge

Pinterest is bad news. Bad bad news. Not only do I waste many an hour drooling over interiors and backyards and furniture that are not mine, but it also inspires me (aka drives me crazy until I do it) to buy more stuff, start more projects, and recreate similar looks. Why is this so bad, you ask? Well, like many, I have quite a few projects that are ready to go and haven't started yet. Like ten. My garage looks like a furniture store with the amount of "waiting to be refinished" furniture. Like what? Well, let's see. In the garage I currently have:

  • 2 Bamboo chippendale chairs
  • A massive dining table
  • A coffee table
  • 2 bedside tables
  • A storage bench,
  • 3 lamps
  • Multiple canvases (unpainted)
  • Desk chair
  • Cube shelving
  • Small side table
  • A wood pallet
Ok, I think that's it. There's probably even more that I don't remember. 

Point is, for the sake of my husband and my home, and for my own sanity (and bank account for that matter) I think it's time I get to work on the projects I already have in my house before going out and acquiring more.

Sounds pretty simple. I was actually inspired by another blogger (must go through my blog roll to remember which one) who declared July as No Spend July. She did not go to any home decor stores (the pain!) for an entire month and focused on doing projects with supplies she already had. Yup, sounds like just what I need. And because I can't call this No Spend August, I think I shall declare this month as "Already Own August". I will complete any and all projects with items I already own. I will even try to use the smallest of supplies that I already own, like paint, fabric etc etc. I'm sure if I dig deep I'll find things I never knew I had.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pinspiration: Pantry Organization

I didn't quite hop on the Pinterest Challenge boat like many, hosted by YHL, Bower Power, Emily Henderson, and Making a House a Home.  As soon as I saw all the posts yesterday, I kicked myself in the booty for not challenging myself as well. Sure, I've already tackled at least 5 Pinterest inspired projects, but nothing major or life changing like a new piece of furniture. It's never too late, right? I will definitely have something pretty spiffy whipped up for next Tuesay, just you wait!

In the meantime, this is one of my most recent Pinterest inspired projects. I'll save my blabber for another post on organizing, but I must say this lady has grown to be one organized gal, and I owe Pinterest much credit.

This is one of the many organized and labeled pantries that inspired me. It's not perfect, but I liked the similar canisters used throughout and the use of pretty labels.

I got meeself some dolla store action (just found a new one by my house that is MY HEAVEN) and plopped down abuout forty bones to get enough storage solutions for my pantry, fridge and closet.

Those glass canisters with stainless steel lids? I saw *almost* the same ones at Walmart for $20. EACH! At the dollar store, they were $1.25! ONE DOLLAR AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS! Yes please! Hallelujah!

I also had some smaller bits and pieces that cluttered my cupboards with mostly empty boxes and packaging. Not only were they not pretty, but it's also pretty darn hard to know when you're almost out of cornstarch when it's hiding in the back of your cupboard inside a solid cardboard box. I thought a better solution would be tupperware (ok not Tupperware, but to go containers not made by the Tupperware corporation but still called tupperware by most of the population), but didn't want the blue lidded variety that just scream disposable! At the same dollar store, I scored 10 clear plastic stackable lunch containers for $2. Yup. They were perfect and just what I had in mind! Granted, they aren't super dee duper leak proof so I would never actually use these for storing leftovers in the firdge, but for what I needed them for, perfecto!

I literally have almost no cardboard left in my kitchen. At all. I cleared all the store bought packaging out, and brought in my own. It's amazing how much happier one feels when you open up your cupboard and see this.

Oh, and the labels? I just made those myself with my I-get-by, taught-myself design skills.

Total cost of reorganizing this one cupboard? Under $15. And well worth every penny!

[Update- check out my etsy shop for your very own custom labels!]